LncPCD Overview

Programmed cell death (PCD) refers to controlled cell death that is conducted to maintain the stability of the internal environment. LncRNAs are involved in the progression of PCD in various diseases. Here, we developed LncPCD, a comprehensive database that provides information on experimentally supported associations of lncRNA-mediated PCD with diseases. The current version of LncPCD documents 6666 associations between five common types of PCD (apoptosis, autophagy, ferroptosis, necroptosis and pyroptosis) and 1222 lncRNAs in 331 diseases. We also manually curated a wealth of information: (1) 7 important lncRNA regulatory mechanisms. (2) 310 PCD-associated cell types in three species, (3) detailed information on lncRNA subcellular locations, and (4) clinical applications for lncRNA-mediated PCD in diseases. Additionally, 10 single-cell sequencing datasets were integrated into LncPCD to characterize the dynamics of lncRNAs in diseases. Overall, LncPCD represents an extremely useful resource for understanding the functions and mechanisms of lncRNA-mediated PCD in diseases.

Five Types of Programmed Cell Death

LncPCD Statistics

1222 LncRNAs
310 Cell Types
331 Diseases
3 Species
5 PCD Types
7 LncRNA Mechanisms
10 Single-cell Sequencing Datasets